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Distinguished and Famous people from Hobart City

1. David Boon

David Boon is a former Australian cricketer who was born in Hobart on December 29, 1960. He played as a right-handed batsman and represented the Australian national cricket team from 1984 to 1996. Boon is considered one of Tasmania's finest cricketers and had a successful career, scoring over 7,000 runs in Test matches. He has also served as a national selector for Cricket Australia.

2. Erin Hortle

Erin Hortle is an acclaimed Tasmanian author from Hobart. Her debut novel, "The Octopus and I," was published in 2021 and received critical acclaim. Hortle's writing often explores themes of identity, place, and the relationships between humans and the natural world. She has been recognized for her evocative storytelling and is considered a rising star in the Australian literary scene.

3. Kate Warner

Kate Warner is an Australian lawyer and jurist who served as the Governor of Tasmania from 2014 to 2019. She was born in Hobart, Tasmania, on June 1, 1944. Warner had an extensive legal career before taking office as Governor, including positions as a barrister and a judge. Her tenure as Governor was marked by her commitment to social justice, education, and support for Tasmanian arts and culture.

4. Ron Barassi Sr.

Ron Barassi Sr., also known as Ronald James Barassi, was an Australian rules football player and coach. He was born in Hobart on March 20, 1916, and is considered one of the greatest footballers of his generation. Barassi Sr. played for several clubs in the Victorian Football League (VFL) and later became renowned as a successful coach. His contribution to the sport and his dedication to developing young players have left a lasting impact on Australian rules football.

5. Luc Longley

Luc Longley is a former professional basketball player who was born in Melbourne, but spent his early years in Hobart. Born on January 19, 1969, Longley became the first Australian to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was a pivotal member of the Chicago Bulls team that won three consecutive NBA championships from 1996 to 1998. Longley's towering presence and basketball skills helped pave the way for future generations of Australian basketball players.

6. Kate Cuthbert

Kate Cuthbert is a well-known Australian publishing consultant, editor, and advocate for romance literature. She was born in Hobart and has played a significant role in promoting romance fiction in the publishing industry. Cuthbert has worked as an editor for various publishing houses and is highly regarded for her expertise in the genre. She is passionate about supporting Australian authors and ensuring diverse and inclusive representation in literature.

7. Archie Jackson

Archie Jackson was an Australian cricketer who demonstrated immense talent but tragically had his career cut short due to illness. He was born in Rutherglen, Victoria but spent his early childhood in Hobart. Jackson played first-class cricket for New South Wales and represented the Australian national team in a few Test matches. Despite his limited time in the sport, his graceful batting technique and exceptional talent left a lasting impression on cricket enthusiasts.

8. Elizabeth Blackburn

Elizabeth Blackburn is an Australian-American Nobel laureate who was born in Hobart on November 26, 1948. She is a renowned molecular biologist and received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2009 for her co-discovery of telomerase, a key enzyme in cell replication. Blackburn has made significant contributions to understanding the role of telomeres in aging and diseases such as cancer. Her groundbreaking discoveries have had a profound impact on the field of genetics.

9. Simon Baker

Simon Baker is an Australian actor, producer, and director famous for his role in the hit television series "The Mentalist." He was born on July 30, 1969, in Launceston, Tasmania, but grew up in a rural area near Hobart. Baker has received critical acclaim for his acting skills and has been nominated for numerous awards. He has also appeared in various films, including "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Margin Call".

10. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting is a former Australian cricketer regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of the sport. He was born in Launceston, Tasmania, on December 19, 1974, and grew up in the Hobart region. Ponting captained the Australian national cricket team and played a pivotal role in their successes, including leading them to two World Cup victories in 2003 and 2007. He is known for his aggressive batting style and exceptional leadership qualities.

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